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CRM Trends in 2018

CRM Trends in 2018

Regardless of industry, sector and company size, each business should look for ways to have an adequate customer relationship management strategy in place. Nowadays, customer relationship management (CRM) has become very popular as well as the diverse field. Various CRM tools are now available, the choice of which may depend on individual business requirements. The number of CRM providers and available CRM packages is huge; so, it can be a difficult task to choose the right CRM software for your business. While a lot of factors need to be considered, you must be aware of some of the important CRM trends in 2018. These CRM trends are discussed below.

  1. Automated and Personalized workflow through AI:

We all are aware of the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and we all know someone who is afraid of robots taking their jobs. AI is not entirely new in the field of Customer Relationship Management solutions. It was observed that users were previously reluctant to adopt AI as a major part of their CRM system. The trend is expected to drastically change in 2018 as more people realize how AI might make the overall CRM system smarter and more efficient. So, AI is expected to provide automated workflow with an ability of personalization along with more in-depth insights.

  1. The Social Media Fever:

From kids to corporate executives, everyone spends considerable time on social media. Same is true for almost all your customers and consumers. It is only rational to integrate your CRM with popular social media platforms. Practical applications and uses of such integration can be gigantic and diverse in nature. Social media is not only a brilliant source of marketing, but it can be a place to gather important data and analyze it for future use.

  1. The IoT Phenomenon:

Internet of Things (IoT) has also become quite popular recently. Considerable developments are expected related to the integration of IoT in CRM systems in 2018. CRM providers seem enthusiast about using input processing from a number of sources, such as home appliances, cars, phones and wearables and integrating them into CRM software. It can be a revolutionary step towards gaining the better understanding of customer experiences and insights.

  1. Self-service:

Online customers want to get their answers in a hurry. The margin is usually of just a few seconds become a customer abandons the purchase. Self-service is the best way to meet such needs. There seems to be a natural relationship between CRM and self-service. As CRM becomes more automated, self-service is expected to be an integral part of such solutions.


  1. External Integration:

So far, CRM systems have been working separately. However, the trend of more third-party integration is expected as it allows CRM to be further strengthened as more data is made available through it. For this purpose, different external software, systems, and apps may be used, as per individual requirements. The overall efficiency and experience of using CRM as a result of third-party integration are expected to be significantly improved.

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