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Why businesses need business intelligence?

Why businesses need business intelligence?

An appropriate Business Intelligence (BI) solution could be the ultimate competitive advantage between you and your competitors. It is essentially true for industries that are growing, challenging and constantly improving products. Business Intelligence means to have easy access to big data that is relevant and reasonably accurate. It can be the most critical tool for any small, medium or large business. Upsides to BI are huge, and some of the important ones are discussed below.


  1. Market Intelligence: Market intelligence forms an integral part of any business intelligence tool. As a business manager, you need to have access to enough information about your customers in this fast-paced world. By using appropriate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, you get the ability to know every important thing about your customer, such as their preferences, buying cycles, trends and much more. The data can be organized as per requirements to make more sense of it and improve overall customer relationship management.
  2. Controlling expenses: A BI solution provides an opportunity to understand and manage your costs at the micro level. This can result in substantial cost-cutting and savings, which will go on to have a desirable impact of your Rate of Return (ROI).
  3. Better Project Results: It is common for project teams to lose a sense of the main goal. Various projects fail daily due to lack of availability of relevant data. With BI, it is possible to keep track of project performance in real time and ensure that relevant information is accessible to all stakeholders at the right time. BI can play a crucial role in helping businesses achieve their general as well as project-specific goals.
  4. Reporting: Today, reporting is not merely about financial statements (even though that may also be a very complex task). Instead, management and other stakeholders usually desire various data for decision making. Data mining and reporting are complex fields, and a business needs to dedicate adequate resources towards it. Modern Business Intelligence tools allow businesses data mining as well as data analysis and reporting as per specific requirements; hence, saving a lot of valuable time along with ensuring the provision of complex information accurately.
  5. Internal Business Processes Optimization: Internal business processes for most businesses are as important as any other thing. These processes need to be at the desired position in order to ensure maximum efficiency, minimum wastage, and financial gains. Business Intelligence solutions are commonly known to be helpful in optimization of internal processes.
  6. Valuable Insights: By using the right BI solution, any business can benefit in various ways. No matter how big or critical data is, it is virtually useless until you have the appropriate tools to analyze it into useful information. With BI, even routine data can be converted into important pieces of information.


It is evident from the above discussion that the importance of Business Intelligence cannot be ignored in today’s world. Be careful in selecting the right BI solution that suits the individual needs of your business.

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